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  • Jacqueline Grace


Collaborative Improvised Dance  2017

Artist Statement

This dance improvisation, performed twice at Hillscene Live 2017 with Libby Maitland, was an invitation to witness the our inquiry into not knowing. Our inquiry leading up to the performance saw us working with an intention to take a risk in embodying grace in our mutability.

As we stay with the mundane, how do we cultivate beauty? And bear witness to one another in that shared pursuit to beautifully inhabit the ordinary.

The provocation

. . . If I started off well, with beauty and presence . . .

A dedication . . .

“To all my women folk who have taken risks in the pursuit of a beautiful, meaningful, collaborative life. I will do my best to offer this piece of work as gracefully as I can, to reflect the courageous beauty I see in you.”

"A critical part of our art-based inquiry must be the physical enactment of the stories before an audience, performatively and emotively transmitting the truth of the images so that they enter bodies as well as minds. The image and its information are vetted through not only mind but also through the heart and the gut.
Its truth can be determined by whether it makes all the cells of the body -mind sing in resonance and vibrate with complexity, raising the communal vibration to a higher level. This theatre of the soul will be a collaborative and communal endeavour where those viewing add new dimensions and multiply the truth.
Our times call not for simplification but a complication of narratives to accommodate our enlarged capacity for understanding the world and each other that comes from genuine engagement with the souls of our images.
It is after all, meaning that research seeks.

- Pat Allen, Art as Inquiry

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