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Where I land my creative journey

Life calls me to attend to our experience of collaboration. I hold the position, informed by my lived experience, that we are relationally formed- we are constantly shaped by the world and it is shaping us.

We are not bounded beings with discreet beginnings and endings. We inhabit an "inter-world" where your experience of existence is constantly shaping mine.  This is echoed in philosophy, physics, chemistry and neuroscience.

My creative work is a celebration of this complex ever changing shifting fabric of co-constructed reality. I do this because making sense of my life seems essential to my well-being.

Immutable frameworks of unquestionable truth and dependable givens fall short of holding our  intricate and paradoxical experience of life in a post-modern world filled with unbounded technological expansion.

And so I turn to the arts as a world were the liminal can be explored, the paradoxical can be sung and space between us  amplified so personal meanings may constituted in a way that is  congruent with the life I live.

What follows then is a collection of these explorations into making sense of our lived experience and how that might speak to yours.

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We are in a constant state of flux and reciprocity with the material world. We are both devolving and evolving simultaneously.  When we contemplate this we become aware of our fragility, our vulnerability and our irreducible relationships.



 “Phenomenology is the study of essences,” articulates Maurice Merleau-Ponty, in The Phenomenology of Perception. 

 It offers an account of living experience, of a phenomena, in the present moment- not what we think we know of it.  It is an attempt to suspend, judgement or interpretations to meet what is before us, as it presents itself, opening us to new knowings and possibilities.

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I see beauty as my muse, who points me towards what is meaningful.

“The role of the artist is to transform crass living condition and beautify people's souls through its gifts”- Oscar Wilde



Knowing is subjective and there are many perspectives through which a phenomenal is experienced. Reality as we know it is constructed through our shared experiences from these unique perspectives.

My inquiry into meaningful living is a layered account whereby multiple stories and voices; both reflexive and introspective, are woven together to tell a larger story.  I am inviting you to enter into the emergent experience of my discoveries. 

This methodology is known as autoethnography.  It displays multiple layers of consciousness, connecting the personal to the cultural. These arts based research projects reflect the complexity of my struggle with the constructs of my culture- the patriarchal, capitalist norms that we experience at present and how I navigate this space.


 My coming to meaning happens in liminal spaces,  hidden from view in the substrata of daily living. It is a rhizomatic, emergent process.  

Rhizomatic is a term developed by French philosophers Deleuze and Guattari describing research that allows for multiple, non-hierarchical knowings to emerge.

 It is a living inquiry. 

Shaun Mc Niff (1992) contends that intention must give way to follow the soul as it moves through its local environment, through daily life. 

I value the extraordinary that emerges when we attend to the ordinary.

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An arts-based inquiry into eco-printing as a therapeutic modality

Eco-printing is a form of close contact printing on cloth and paper using botanical matter and savaged metal. Emerging Ecologies is an autoethnographic and a/r/tographic documentation of my inquiry into eco-printing as a modality for meaning making using the MIECAT procedures. This inquiry is draped over the skeleton of a three part workshop series, conducted in 2015, with eight women learning how to eco-print and use it for arts-based inquiry. Together we experienced embodied knowing, emergence, and imperfect beauty as rich values that support us in our personal lives. These experiences were born from immersing in creative process and attending to what emerged moment to moment. What also unravelled alongside this story is my own living inquiry into the application of these values. This unravelling is also documented, creating a layered reflexive account.

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Processed driven backdrops waiting to be heard. Trusting in the passing of time and the "rightness of fit"

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Learning to Position myself 2021

The process of coming to terms with my implicit bias' has been been disorienting, ungrounding and deeply unsettling. There is so much to inquire into and this will be a life long learning. I continue to make myself available to the learning experience. I hope to share more of this soon.

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2019 living inquiry with Christine Scanlan

The following images capture an emergent performance and photographic inquiry with artist Christine Scanlan. This sculptural dress was crafted out of remnants over a number of years- she was a maiden-  a creature from a fairytale. 

By the time I came around to inhabiting her she was too small for me.

My mental health was very low at this point, I felt defeated by life and the destruction of my dreams. These images capture both my fading aspiration and my exhaustion.

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