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  • Jacqueline Grace

The Shroud of Unbecoming

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

a living mixed media installation, Burrinja Gallery 2016

Your twice spent matter continues to cycle

A pullulating fractal of iterative art

Changed by and changing

Holding in a moment

My unbecoming beauty.

A still form swarming with life unsung and unseen by the eyes of the above

Yet the eyes of below

The eyes of below know not where to look

So fecund the movement to articulation.

One must un-become in order to become

Is the deep whisper.

Slowly dismembering the safety of the known

Who are you?

I am not that was

Yet I am, I am

I am a microcosm of all that was

A universe of re- integration

Swarming with cosmological creativity.

The paradox of being I hold in my skin

As I dissolve you become

Imparting and taking

The dance of disintegration carrying us

Forever emerging and receding

Until the slightness of my form reveals your potency

This generative chaos is your in breath and my out breath

Your bloom makes evident my variegated rot

We are wholes and parts in an absolute sense.

Artist Statement

“There is no such thing as dead matter, lifelessness is only a disguise behind which hide unknown forms of life’.
Bruno Shultz

This piece is an exploration into the dynamic between decay and growth, disintegration and reintegration; fractals of micro/macro.

These silks were wrapped with leaves around bones and rusted metal, buried in the compost and left to both decay and develop. In decay, they return to the macrocosm as fertile humus. Yet simultaneously reconstructed by the bundled botanical, mineral and animal matter, and surrounding microbial life.

Unbundling silks wrapped on bones and buried in the compost

My work is deeply process driven, evanescent, and iterative. This living installation invites a dialogue with the dance of disintegration, the existential constructs it speaks to and perchance to witness beauty unbecoming.

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